Zaina Khalifeh : In Captured, the sea is a doctor of hearts !

Zaina Khalifeh is a young Tunisian film producer although she was born in Dubai while completing her university education in Damascus Syria

 Zaina Khalifeh has presented many documentaries, including “The Reversed Hour, Revolution of the Playgrounds, My Years with Ben Ali, Sidi Bouzid, the Cradle of Spring, One-Way Ticket, Tourism in the Time of Corona, Libya Refugees, Mosul Displaced Persons, Prison Children, and others. Al-Watan says I am the daughter of a “case” and the daughter of “Watan”

Zaina fell in love with the sea, she said it is very similar to mine.

She is Captured, the sea is a doctor of hearts!

She has more than one documentary film production project around the sea that she did not reveal in her exclusive interview with ” eBlueeconomy” which revealed the  importance of Sea creativity whether in cinema or literature and how our creative heritage with the sea holds an opportunity for more creativity

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What does Zina Khalifa have to do with the sea?! And what does the sea symbolize to her as a creator and film producer؟

The sea is naughty and melancholy, for me, the other world is for Zaina, I feel it and feel me, it is very similar to me. I see that I am desired, loved, and understood and accept the other with openness, just like the sea

Everyone loves it and accepts everyone without exception. It is linked to poetry, art, and music because it is a source of inspiration for creators, and I feel with every wave It is renewed, my relationship and my projects with it are renewed, and the blue color captivates me and makes me feel comfortable, love and serenity, and the sea always remains the master of inspiration for the creators.

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source of inspiration

The sea is a source of inspiration for writers in the world such as Ernest Hemingway and his masterpiece The Old Man and the Sea Have you ever thought that the sea could be your inspiration in your writing?!

People usually belong to the sea or to the desert, and I belong to the sea of ​​course, and the sea is always my source of inspiration as it is the main motivator that contributes to the formulation of ideas for a person and pushes him to produce permanently and continuously. And the meanings that they wrote on the pages of their hearts and the hearts of the readers.

Titanic conquered the world as a movie. Do you see why marine drama is absent from the writings of creators, despite our creative heritage in this field?!

Because Arab drama is confined to themes of love and war, and writers have been interested in addressing societal issues and stories that are alien to our Arab societies, leaving the sea for poetry and singing more than it is in drama, and because drama today is only required for entertainment, regardless of its productive side.

But the Titanic is not the first in the matter of maritime drama. The ancient blogs confirm this, through the literature of the voyages that were undertaken by ancient travelers, the Iliad and the Odyssey, the Trojan War started from the sea

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A major literary project

Do you do any sea sport?! If you ever dreamed of one of these sports, what is it?!

Yes, I do swimming, as it is one of my favorite sports, and I like to try diving into the depths of the sea, to discover its inner beauty, its secrets, and its subtleties.

How do we work on inviting attention to this type of creativity, whether at the level of literary writing, television drama, or cinema?!

This kind of literature just needs someone to give it the attention it deserves. With its literary value and the topics of its treatment, it is a major literary project that deserves attention, support, motivation, and providing an appropriate and fertile environment for creators, by giving them the private support and free space,

In addition to material support and funding, which is one of the basics of film and artistic production, in addition to creating an attractive and encouraging environment that accepts difference and boldness in order to reach To huge, different, and out of the ordinary productions.

Do you read international or local writers or authors who write about marine literature?!

Of course, Hanna Mina is the author of the masterpiece “The Sail and the Storm”, which is one of the greatest novels in the literature of the sea

Gabriel García Márquez also has his “The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor  ” The nonfiction work relates Luis Alejandro Velasco’s 10-day survival adrift on a raft in the Caribbean after being thrown overboard by his Colombian destroyer in rough seas.

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If you had a chance to talk to the sea, what would you say?

The sea is not that expanse that is not bounded by sight, but it is the title of transition, survival, and the source of goodness. For example, when rain falls in the seas and oceans and evaporates later to fall again, a life story that continues.

The sea is a world of contradictions and mystery, calm and storm, calm and noisy, generosity and miserliness, good and evil, soft and cruel, simplicity and tyranny, safety and fear, treachery and loyalty

These meanings do not differ from the human struggle with himself and with others.

This is quite similar to mine. I am very calm, my features appear pure and disciplined. Sometimes I do not know when I will explode, and this is like the calmness of the sea from which a devastating tsunami may emerge.

And when I stand in front of him, I just contemplate him without words, as if I am looking at myself.

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A Syrian Novelist: Hanna Mina

Does our sea become angry and unjust when we ignore it creatively, whether in cinema or literature?

Somewhat oppressed, because the Arab maritime literary scene draws the name of Hanna Mina undisputedly, but this world literature is found in the Arab Gulf due to the peculiarity of the relationship between the Gulf states with the sea, as it was a space of wars and discoveries before it turned into a place for living, diving and pearl fishing, however, it is considered oppressed. Need more attention.

We had a Syrian novelist may God have mercy on him, and he is Hanna Mina the novelist of the Arab sea. It presented his writings and creations in cinema, so why did we not find others in our Arab world?

Hanna Mina is an exceptional case out of the ordinary in its own right, and his novel “The Sail and the Storm” is one of the great works in its affiliation with sea literature, and critics themselves find it difficult to differentiate between one novel and another, and it remains one of the important names in the homeland for an Arab whose novel stuck to the sea

I hope there will be another name to complete Hanna Mina’s career and shine his name back home

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