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Yasmín Maldonado Escobar write to ” Blue Economy ” Maritime work: Women in ports, navigation and logistics chain

Yasmin Maldonado

  The combination of the new hull designs and the optimization of the machinery of the new vessels determine a noticeable improvement in the effectiveness of maritime transportation today; Likewise, we can affirm that in the new times the incorporation of women into the maritime industry has also improved positively in everything related to such an important economic field at a global level, due, among other things, to the great sense of improvement and order. intrinsic to gender representatives.

That is why we find ourselves in realities such as:

  • 1% Women who play a role in managerial positions in maritime authority.
  • 3% Women who carry out medicine positions on platforms.
  • 2% Women offshore in managerial and operational positions
  • 2% Women in areas of support to navigation and welder.
  • 46.9% Women on cruise ships in positions: management, Captain, Crewman and support.

But the socioeconomic impact of a pandemic and gender equality makes us face a problem in the growth of women at a professional level, since many women have been forced to make decisions in front of the home and the full-time participation of professional work.

In this image we visualize the woman in front of the glass ceilings (it is the veiled limitation to the job promotion of people within organizations. It is a ceiling that limits their professional careers, counting distance between their home and work that transcends and that prevents them from advancing. This is an invisible barrier because there are no established laws or social structures that impose an explicit limitation on the career of women).

Today, women in the maritime sector are playing more roles, with long working hours and creating constant fatigue on a personal level, others have encountered personal problems creating a Covid-divorce, being left without financial support and support at home.

Reflection for the post Covid-19, we will meet PROPOSITIVE, RESILIENT and COMPETITIVE women with a lot of momentum to continue setting trends and continue to increase the participation of women in the sector, we invite international organizations to promote state regulation in support of the woman for years to come.

Merchant Officer, Founder of WISTA COLOMBIA, FOUNDER OF YOUNG SHIP COLOMBIA, Director of JYM & Consultores


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