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Yachting : SILENT 60 wins Gustave Trouvé Award 2021

It is official – our SILENT 60 won the Gustave Trouvé Award in the category “Electric Production Boats Over 8m / 26 ft”.  Thank you for your support – winning this award together with you, our SILENT believers is an amazing achievement!
The SILENT 60 embodies the next generation of the legendary SILENT 64, the first production solar-powered yacht to have ever crossed the Atlantic. The optional hydraulic platform allows the possibility to upgrade the tender from 3.8m to 4.2m in length. For adventurers, additional water toys, sups, kayaks, and e-bikes can be stored in the bridge deck.
Silent-Yachts has increased its fleet of innovative oceangoing solar electric catamarans introducing the new Silent 60 that has been launched recently at Silent-Yachts production facility in Thailand, which is led by the Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Guénat. This is the first unit of the model while eight more hulls are currently under construction and 17 are ordered in total.

PMG Ship Yard is in Thailand

What makes it even greener is that it was built with a kite wing, a special system that in contrast to conventional sailing yachts, does not require a big mast, and the kite sail generates much more power per square meter than a conventional sail. Silent-Yachts offers the optional available kite-sail system for all their models.
“The kite system sounds like the perfect match for windy days together with the electric propulsion system of Silent-Yachts,” said the German owner of the first Silent 60. “I am an enthusiast of new technologies which help, little by little, to overcome the ecological challenges we are facing today.”


About the Gustave Trouvé Awards

The awards were initiated in 2020 by the electric boat website Plugboats.com. Their goal is to recognize the inventors, designers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are driving the development of clean, quiet, and eco-friendly technologies to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels for marine propulsion.

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