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Yachting : Haven – The new pandemic-proof support yacht concept

Incat Crowther have released a Covid-19 inspired concept for a support vessel named Haven

Incat Crowther have released a Covid-19 inspired concept for a support vessel named Haven. Described as a “protective layer” to its owner’s mothership, the ShadowCAT Haven would act as a buffer between an owner’s main yacht and the outside world.

The ShadowCAT Haven concept would allow owners and charterers to maintain a safe social bubble onboard their yacht by acting as a testing facility and quarantine space before allowing guests and crew aboard the mothership. With a hospital and a laboratory, Haven is designed to be able to process all people and items arriving on board the main yacht.

Multihull design

 Haven’s multihull design allows for her to operate in two zones contained in her separate hulls. The shoreside hull will deal with any new guests, crew or stores while the yachtside hull will remain sterile, tested and clean. Equipped with strategically positioned thermal cameras, nanotechnological surfaces designed to destroy bacteria and air conditioning and circulation equipment, the Haven concept is unequivocally well-equipped to combat viruses.


The ShadowCAT Haven concept also boasts all the expected facilities of a support vessel such as a diving centre, decompression chamber and storage forJet skis, tenders and a submarine. A helicopter landing pad/fueling area would also be found on board, as well as the option to add a dedicated hangar.

The 68.2-metre support vessel is designed to travel at a top speed of 21.5 knots thanks to her twin Caterpillar engines. .

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