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Yachting : Charter experience on board the 77m superyacht Yersin

 Majority of yacht travel taking place in only 20% of the world’s oceans 

Written by
Laura Nicholls

With the majority of yacht travel taking place in only 20% of the world’s oceans, there is much more of our planet to be discovered. Only a small proportion of the world fleet dare venture off the beaten path – and one superyacht in particular, the 76.6-metre Yersin, does so a little differently. When she’s not hosting guests keen to experience top-tier charter expeditions, Yersin is home to a team of expert scientists who use their time onboard to study our planet.  As this unique yacht charter concept gains popularity, SuperYacht Times takes a look at how Yersin is run by long-time captain Jean Dumarais and why more are opting for leaving their mark in different ways. 

Yersin  is truly one of the world’s most sustainable, clean and green vessels

These were the words that sparked the five-year research project dedicated to bringing a committed owner’s dream for a true deep-sea vessel to life. Working alongside the French shipyard Piriou, the owner invested 18 months of intensive technical planning and a further 36 months of construction to witness the 76.6-metre explorer Yersin join the world fleet in 2015.

Eco-explorer yachts  

In addition to teaching us more about the planet, hardcore eco-explorer yachts can push the boundaries of superyacht construction. Take Yersin for example – who is truly one of the world’s most sustainable, clean and green vessels. Her hull features a specialist silicone non-biocide, anti-fouling coating to avoid the release of harmful chemicals, which, like all the metals used during her build, is 100% suitable for scraping. Even the decks were specially made – and not from the usual teak – but instead a pre-recycled non-wood resin. Time on board is like a superyacht field trip, where the intricacies of sustainable and environmentally-friendly superyacht design can be seen in action. Eco-warrior

Whether it’s a scientific expedition or a luxury yacht charter adventure, those on board can rest assured knowing that operating the 2,220 GT superyacht leaves nothing behind. Features such as a biological treatment system for waste and high-tech exhaust filters to eliminate 99.8% of soot emissions are the type of technologies that should be standard onboard. After all, why travel the world in search of new ways to care for the world if the superyacht itself doesn’t do the same.  Superyacht laboratory 

True explorers

True explorers – think Octopus, Le Grand Bleu, and Planet Nine – come as a complete package. All have their own top-of-the-range kits, including Yersin, whose smart layout and use of space has made room for a hospital, plus a research laboratory and adaptable conference room, meaning that scientists are able to collect and study samples the very same day. Yersin’s owner ensures that these experiments take place at no additional cost to the scientists absorbing any fees incurred during these research projects himself.  Helping science

Yersin’s multi-purpose platform

Knowingly designed for discovery, Yersin’s multi-purpose platform has been enjoyed by many teams of scientists and organisations, including the society Explorations de Monaco. In 2017, Explorations de Monaco set out on their Sargassum Mission to discover more about the algae seaweed bloom that is now so visible on the ocean’s surface, particularly in the Atlantic. Found tangled amongst these invasive plants are plastic and sulphur loads which have a damaging effect on marine life both at sea and ashore. 

Thanks to her impressive contact book and association with Adventure Science Education, Yersin rarely travels alone without transporting scientists across the globe. This initiative helps eliminate travel costs for these teams of researchers who need to make their way to far-flung destinations such as Antarctica for their next project. When scientific research is not the sole objective, Yersin takes on excursions such as that of Count Alvaro de Marichalar, who successfully took on the daring journey to be the first person to cross the Atlantic on board a Jet Ski. Yersin followed between 1 and 2 miles behind him as guardian to the risky voyage supplying fuel and food.Luxury on the inside

Explorer yachts

Despite what their specs imply, these elite explorer yachts weren’t built for all work and no play. Their clever design has allowed for onboard modernities such as high-tech cinemas, multi-purpose tenders, dedicated dive centres, speedy water toys, onboard spas and boutique gyms – everything guests need for a perfect off-the-beaten-track yacht charter. Go anywhere

Choosing one of the many yachts that are engineered to cruise efficiently from the Poles to the Equator is not the hard part. The difficulty lies in deciding which part of the world to explore first. In one year an explorer such as Yersin can venture a long way – 12,000 nautical miles non-stop to be precise. Greenland, Malpelo in Colombia, Guadeloupe, Nunavut in Canada and Iceland are just some of the marks on the map these superyachts can reach – whatever the weather.  .

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