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Yachting : Aristotelis Betsis one of the best Yacht designers in the world

He always aim for sustainable designs that minimize the yacht’s environmental footprints and  Its designs are distinguished and characterising with sophistication and luxury
Aristotelis Betsis is considered one of the best yacht designers in the world
 He Born and raised in Athens, Greece; started working onboard small yachts as a deckhand and technical assistant while still at school, I was always in love with the sea whilst having a great passion for yachts.
Then suddenly he got older and moved to the United Kingdom to study Naval Architecture in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He has been awarded a First class Master of Engineering degree in Naval Architecture with High Performance Marine Vehicles. After gaining useful knowledge, both practical and theoretical,
eBlue_economy_Aristotelis Betsis
eBlue_economy_Aristotelis Betsis
He has been initially involved in some exciting projects, mainly superyacht refits, while still in the last year of my studies. This was the starting point of his professional career, and now looking forward to even more progressing years to come.His aim is to push the boundaries in all aspects of yacht design.

eBlue_economy_Aristotelis BetsiseBlue_economy_Aristotelis Betsis

If a superyacht and Six Flags had a baby, it might look the epic new vessel penned by naval architect and yacht designer Aristotelis Betsis.

eBlue_economy_Aristotelis BetsiseBlue_economy_Aristotelis Betsis

The 331-foot explorer yacht, which has been christened Ark, is designed to cover great distances while keeping seafarers thoroughly entertained with just about any kind of vehicle you could imagine. The designer describes the vessel as a “global adventure park” for the high seas. We’d call it a play vehicle heaven.

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