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Yachting : Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design Reveals Sailing Yacht Concept MM38

 MMYD are delighted to announce their commission for the design of the WINDY SLR 60.

This 60-foot superyacht chaseboat has been designed for long distance excursions and operation as a nimble sports boat for diving and fishing, as well as support shoreside exploration.

Following delivery of this first SLR 60, Windy Scandinavia AB will put the design into production at the Windy yard in Sweden, making it the largest Windy available and establishing the 60-footer as the company’s flagship.

A rigorous testing procedure to assess the boat’s performance in varying sea states has been conducted. The sea trials confirmed that the SLR 60 is extremely capable in all conditions, with a generous flare to the bow and multiple chines on the hull keeping the boat as dry as possible.

Malcolm McKeon

Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design creates exceptional yachts for visionary people, taking yacht design to a new level of styling, performance and comfort. 

Malcolm McKeon has been a leading designer in the superyacht industry for over 30 years.  His portfolio includes more than 200 sailing and motor yachts, 50 of them in excess of 30m in length. Malcolm’s inspirational conceptual work, space planning, exterior styling and construction have reaped multiple international design awards.

A long-standing association with world-leading shipyards, mast makers, interior designers, equipment and specialist service providers adds an unparalleled synergy to the design process.  A green approach to projects, reducing construction and operational costs, is a key consideration for designs of the

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