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Yachting : Online Design Competition..Challenge a Superyacht Designer

The third round of BOAT International’s Online Design Competition launches this weekend, in partnership with superyacht interiors company Vedder.

The first round saw four studios tackle a tricky brief for a 60-80 metre motor yacht, which was ultimately won by Studio Vafiadis. The second round was won by Vripack for its novel sailing yacht design.

For the third round, we’re challenging three more studios – coquine![design], VOM Creations and Uros Pavasovic – to design an explorer yacht tough enough to take on the North-East Passage, the sea route linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans across the top of Russia.

This weekend across BOAT International’s social media channels, you will be able to determine the specific brief for the yacht that will then be pitched to the three design studios.

Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine provided the background music as Vripack designed their split-level sailing yacht concept

The studios will have just a few days to sketch their design – and you will decide the winner of the competition in a social media poll.

Nicolas Held, Managing Director of Vedder, said: “Today’s original ideas and futuristic visions of designers call for an increasingly greater range of expertise. We, as an interior outfitter, are privileged to support the design team in order to turn their and the owner’s vision into reality.

“Based on the designers’ briefs we develop special solutions exclusively for the project at hand. The Vedder team wishes everyone great inspiration for this fun competition.”

Make sure to visit BOAT International’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram channels this weekend to help define the brief that will be presented to the three studios next week.

  Vedder company  are constantly working to create a future that is aligned with the future of our customers: a future that lives up to the rising demands placed on manufacturing and service capabilities and the increasingly complex challenges of technology and design. This evolutionary process has led us to new heights.


How challenging did you find the brief?

The business expansion with the additional workshop at Wallersdorf unites the performances of established sites into a new entity with significantly increased capacity and extended skill sets. Our existing yachts and residences interior-portfolio has been expanded to include our new aircraft specialty.

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