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World’s fish biggest aquarium EXPLODES in Germany Hotel ( Videos + Photos )

  • The 82ft-high fish tank, located in the foyer of Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin, burst
  • Incident at AquaDom aquarium left two people suffering injuries from glass 
  • All 1,500 tropical fish housed in the aquarium were killed in the explosion


1,500 tropical fish die as huge Berlin aquarium bursts- The New Indian Express

A huge aquarium exploded inside a German hotel today, unleashing a ‘tsunami’ of water which caused ‘unbelievable maritime damage’ at a major tourist attraction.

The 82ft-high tank, located in the foyer of the Radisson Blu hotel in central Berlin, burst at around 5.50am, killing all of the 1,500 tropical fish housed there.

تدفقت المياه والأسماك في طابق الفندق الأرضي

The explosion at the AquaDom aquarium unleashed a million litres of water into the lobby and cut off electricity in the hotel. Two people were injured from glass shards and received treatment at hospital.

World's largest hotel aquarium explodes in Berlin, spills 1,500 fish

The explosion filled the hotel lobby with over a million litres of water, some of which reached the outside of the complex, prompting police to close a nearby street. 

The aquarium of the “Sea Life” chain was equipped with a glass elevator, allowing visitors to see the fish in it.

An Aquarium In Berlin Burst Leaving 2 People Injured & 1,500 Fish Dead

The newspaper “Bild” indicated that the explosion was caused by wear and tear in parts of the basin, pointing out that the “Aqua Dome” was reopened to visitors last summer after restoration and renovation works that cost 2.5 million euros.

sources : mail on line + Bild newspaper

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