WinGD’s X92-B engine, the biggest and most powerful two-stroke engine, has successfully passed its upgrade Type Approval Test (TAT) at engine builder HHI-EMD in Korea. Eight major classification societies were in attendance.The upgrade TAT addressed the increased firing pressure now available with the X92-B, providing further improvements to overall efficiency. The TAT adds further confidence to the already well-proven reliability of this large-bore engine series. The X92-B is the most efficient two-stroke engine and met all requirements regarding safety, reliability, functional integrity, and performance.

The X92-B provides the best possible propulsion efficiency for modern large and ultra large container vessels due to the optimal selected cylinder power, shaft speed, stroke to bore ratio, and the highest efficiencies with a low emissions profile.

The world’s biggest container ship, Evergreen’s 24,000 TEU Ever Alot, was recently delivered with an eleven-cylinder X92-B engine.

WinGD’s most powerful engine passes upgrade Type Approval Test

The new WiCE advanced control system is standard on the X92-B, enhancing reliable performance.

The engine is also equipped with WiDE (WinGD’s integrated Digital Expert) for engine data analysis and remote support, both critical elements for operating vessels in the best condition with the highest possible engine availability. 

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About: WinGD

Today our innovative technology is behind the propulsion power of all types of deep-sea ships worldwide, such as oil and product tankers, bulk carriers, car carriers, general cargo ships, and container ships.

WinGD continues the tradition of the Sulzer diesel engine and the Wärtsilä two-stroke engine as a leading developer of low-speed gas and diesel engines.

Headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, the largest team of WinGD employees, located there, contribute to all aspects of research and development (R&D), design, operational and manufacturing support, marketing, and sales.

In Switzerland, WinGD also hosts an extensive state-of-the-art research and training facility at its Swiss Engine Research & Innovation Centre.

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