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Weekly Maritime Security Threat Assessment 29th November 2021

Danish Frigate Esbern Snare responded to an MDAT-GOG warning and attempted to interdict the suspicious speed boat which had 8 suspected pirates on board.

During the interdiction the Danish marines were engaged in a firefight, killing 4 pirates, wounding 1, and detaining the remaining 3. This is the first time that suspected pirates have been killed by an international naval vessel operating in the region and demonstrates the Danish government’s intent to be a strong enforcement presence.

In addition, following a 24-hour ultimatum, two oil facilities belonging to Nigerian oil company Agip in the Ogba-Egbem- Andoni Local Government Area of the Rivers state, have been blown up this week by the new Niger Delta militant group, Bayan Men. The group wants the Agip firm to deal directly with the 27 communities of Omoku it operates within. In a separate attack on the Nigerian Agip Oil Company, on the 28th of November suspected pirates launched multiple attacks on oil workers and Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps personnel who were conducting pipeline maintenance in Ogbokiri-Akassa in the Brass Local Government Area. The ambush led to the death of four people.

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Schematic breakdown of the maritime security threats The prime target... | Download Scientific Diagram

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If you need to move crews beyond the port boundary in multiple countries, will you have the time to conduct due diligence on the states involved?


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