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Weekly Maritime Security Threat Assessment 14th Dec 2021

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The delaying of the highly anticipated election could place the tenuous peace in Libya in jeopardy as heightened tensions lead to further protests and clashes.

Earlier this week the Libyan High State Council called for the December 24th presidential election to be delayed until February in order to clarify the rules and procedures that will govern the electoral process. Whilst the High State Council is not a universally accepted political body, the delaying of the presidential elections appears increasingly more likely. With only a fortnight until the scheduled election, the overseeing body has not released the list of candidates as planned due to legal doubts regarding the validity of several candidates.

There are several claims that various highly divisive candidates have been bribing judicial officers sparking fears that if the election is conducted with disputed candidates, the outcome of the election could be unrecognized. Nevertheless, the delaying of the highly anticipated election could place the tenuous peace in Libya in jeopardy as heightened tensions lead to further protests and clashes.

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The dashboard provides you with a weekly summary:

  • Instant, clear, and concise visuals to identify threats against your people and assets.
  • An intuitive ‘jump-off’ point into your intelligence portal to read and download reports.
  • Optimized by the latest AI and tech integrations to provide 360° near real-time reporting and unrivaled analysis compiled by our team of experts.

This easy graphic provides the maritime security market with a great place to capture the global situation and a launch point to learn more.  If you are subscribed to our online intelligence portal ATLAS INFORM you can save time and jump straight into the content from here to read wider content curated from a variety of sources.

  • Stay up to date with this snapshot of maritime security events
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  • Your launch point for all of Dryad Global’s deeper analysis

Q: “Is this going to be any use to me if I don’t have a subscription to ATLAS INFORM?” – Yes! The dashboard still gives you access to lots of curated information.  Our clients get to access the detailed reporting directly into ATLAS INFORM…. learn more.

Key features:

Current and in-depth global maritime crime statistics and incident data analysis.

Global country overview Risk Assessments for onshore, beyond port operations.

Regional security insights and maritime crime trends in context to individual incidents, maritime regions, or countries. 

Port Risk Assessments, based on the metrics that matter. Our extensive network of global agents and collaborators provides us with essential alerts and in-country updates about security issues that may affect port operations.

Risk profile takes into account the main vessel parameters, cargo, and local onshore security dynamics, context, current threats to maritime security, and recommendations.

Near-real-time data analysis provides the latest global intelligence reporting, historical and contextual data, weather patterns, and routing nuances to provide an industry-leading transit risk assessment. 

High-Risk Areas are broken out in detail to show maritime security risks in key transit areas.

Grasping the global geopolitical situation and understanding it within the context of individual port operations is a huge task especially if you’re also responsible for other areas of your company’s operations.

If you need to move crews beyond the port boundary in multiple countries, will you have the time to conduct due diligence on the states involved?

Find out how our Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Assessment can support your business.

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