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Wartsila rolls out new tool for improved propulsion arrangements

The Wartsila solution has been verified by DNV Maritime.

Wartsila has launched a new OPTI-DP Engagement Tool that is built using applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling.

The DNV Maritime-verified dynamic positioning (DP) solution will allow precise and speedy configuration of thrusters and other propulsion systems.

As complications in offshore operations are rising, this solution is expected to offer efficient high-performance station keeping as well as maneuverability.

The Wartsila solution will generate a simulation of various environmental operating settings and also have the ability to simulate numerous failures.

All specifications of a ships’ thruster and propulsion performance will be considered by the tool.

The solution will depend on CFD results to provide precise analysis.

It will help reduce unproductive impacts caused by interactions between vessels’ thrusters and other propulsion systems.

Additionally, the solution will highlight forbidden zones where unwanted interactions between thrusters are taking place.

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