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Viking Sea breaks its moorings in Ravenna, five tugs intervene (VIDEO)

The cruise ship, moved by strong gusts of wind, was brought back into position thanks to the intervention of the technical-nautical services

Misadventure with a happy ending in the past few hours in Porto Corsini – Ravenna for the Viking Sea cruise ship of the Viking Ocean Cruises company which, due to adverse weather conditions (in particular due to the strong wind) broke its moorings risking to run aground towards the land not far away.

From the images readily available on the web, it can be seen that the captain dropped anchor at the bow to limit the hull’s reach.

The intervention of a first vehicle of the Gesmar company (Rimorchiatori Riuniti group), to which four other tugs were added a little later, made it possible to limit the displacement of the cruise ship whose drift was ‘slowed’ allowing then to bring the unit of 228 meters in length and 47,800 tonnes back to the quay.

A note from the local port system authority reconstructed the incident as follows: “Due to the exceptionally adverse weather situation of the last few hours, the Viking Sea cruise ship which at 8 am was regularly moored (south berth) at the cruise terminal of Porto Corsini , has moved away from its position due to strong gusts of bora coming from the north, of absolutely extraordinary intensity

. The Port Authority and the nautical technical services (tugs, pilots and mooring crews) promptly intervened, giving support to the ship which is now safely and constantly monitored.

There has been no consequence for passengers who are continuing their activities on board regularly ”.

The port authority then adds that the Viking Sea is already re-moored in its position and when the weather conditions allow it, it will leave the port of Ravenna.

“A heartfelt thanks to the Harbor Master’s Office, pilots, tugs and moorers for the prompt response given, allowing us to face a totally exceptional situation with safety and speed.

Thanks also to the terminal operator and to the entire port community who understood the difficulties caused by these exceptional weather conditions for the port and for the ship moored at the passenger terminal ”.

Source : Shipping Italy

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