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Veer Corp : Ready to Move Full Wind-Speed Ahead

Granted Approval in Principle by American Bureau of Shipping

[Grand Bahama, The Bahamas]: Following a series of recent achievements – including receiving support from industry leader LUSH as a future client (below) – Veer Corp. (“Veer”) today announced the granting of Approval in Principle (“AIP”) by the American Bureau of Shipping (“ABS”).

This milestone is a major step for Veer on its mission to build the world’s 1st fleet of 100% clean, ocean-going container vessels.

While it was a lengthy process, Veer has chosen to work with only the best teams in the maritime industry to ensure its success, and having reached this point, is ever more excited to keep pressing forward.

The team of award-winning naval architects at Dykstra (www.dykstra-na.nl), and our project management team at Brookes Bell (www.brookesbell.com), have world-class experience and expertise that give Veer the confidence that we are undoubtedly ready for the next steps.

Profile photo of Danielle Doggett

“Receiving this AIP from a recognized organization such as ABS sets Veer apart from other conceptual projects.” says Danielle Doggett, CEO at Veer. “We are making significant progress – you can feel that it’s really happening.”

Veer also shared the statement of support from cosmetics-sustainability leader LUSH, which further strengthens the clean shipping company’s position.

‘’The world needs us to progress much more rapidly in decarbonising transport, globally. Lush’s commitment to decarbonise our global transport is dependent on partnerships with innovative organisations like Veer.

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Our roadmap to net zero transport means being early adopters of hydrogen shipping and so we are very excited at the possibility of partnering with Veer’s first vessel.

The prospect of a direct partnership and meticulously designed vessels to enable efficient service, brings us much needed hope.’’ (LUSH https://www.lush.com/uk/en on Veer).

[pdf id=’79798′]

Veer looks forward to receiving tender responses to their bid package from shipyards, and aims to have selected a shipyard by the end of this year (2022), and to begin shipping with two vessels by the end of 2024.

About Veer:

Veer is the 1st, and only company to create a technology-ready clean solution for the future of shipping: a fleet of fast, economical, 100% clean, 100m container vessels with a modular design and a long lifespan.

Veer will provide clean shipping using proven technologies in an innovative manner: DynaRig sail technology paired with green hydrogen fuel cell engines. Veer will design, build, operate, and manage a fleet of clean shipping vessels that are speed & cost competitive.

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Veer is registered in the Bahamas. Veer was founded by Danielle Doggett (https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielle-doggett-80094b66/) named by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects as one of the most influential women of the century.

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