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Two new offshore wind farm projects in Sicily and Sardinia

Strong development for Hexicon in Italy – concession applications filed for several floating wind farms

Two new applications for state-owned maritime concessions for offshore wind farms have been filed with the competent offices of the respective Port Authorities.

Avenhexicon Srl, a joint venture between the Swedish company Hexicon and the Italian developer Avapa Energy, intends to build a floating plant consisting of 54 25 MW wind turbines for a total power of 1,350 MW off Capo Caccia in the north-west of Sardinia.

Wind Energy Pozzallo, of the Carlo Maresca group, instead asked to build a floating plant of 975 MW in total, consisting of two sections of 32 and 33 wind turbines, in the Strait of Sicily off the coast of Pozzallo.

On the other hand The five potential development sites are situated around the coasts of Sardinia, Sicily, and Puglia. Grid connections were applied for earlier this year, and with the Italian government signaling an ambition to take measures to speed up the processes for renewable energy projects, to faster cut dependence on Russian gas, the market is ready to meet the rising demand.

Alberto ROSA | Chief Executive Officer

“This is certainly the first step in the positive and constructive process that we are prepared to follow to complete the permitting process with full involvement of all concerned stakeholders – from local communities to industrial groups, environmental groups, and the transmission network operator,” said Alberto Dalla Rosa, CEO at AvenHexicon.

Strong development for Hexicon in Italy - concession applications filed for several floating wind farms

Hexicon is a world-leading project developer and technology provider in the emerging sector of offshore floating wind. As a project developer, Hexicon develops projects, partnering with regional experts. As a technology provider, Hexicon provides its patented floating wind design – TwinWind™ – which consists of one foundation with dual turbines.

The innovative twin turbine design enables more turbines per sea area, which increases the energy yield and reduces the environmental impact. The company operates in several markets across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Hexicon is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (ticker HEXI).

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