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Towards the sale of two Italian support vessels in service in the Ravenna offshore

Two ‘minor’ support vessels, flying the Italian flag and previously used in the Ravenna offshore, are about to change hands.

The Port Authority of the port has in fact published in recent days two different requests for the divestment of the flag (due to “alienation and subsequent registration in a non-EU register”). The first concerns the Mare Cristallo, a Bambini Spa catamaran that operates as a ‘crew boat’, with a length of 29 meters and capable of accommodating 45 people. The ship entered the fleet of the Ravenna company in 2013, followed a few days later by the larger Mare Rubino (46 meters long and capable of carrying 70 passengers).

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The Lupo, a ship owned by Maestrale Srl, of Cesenatico, will also be preparing to leave the Italian flag to move to that of a non-EU country, which has submitted a similar request. The company, together with Navigazione Adriatica, owns part of the units that make up the fleet of Righetti Navi, which uses them on the basis of bareboat charters. According to the latter’s site, the Lupo is a support unit from 1982, 30 meters long, capable of carrying 50 people, and with a cargo space on a deck of 70 square meters.

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