The Seafarers’ Trust : Wellbeing of seafarers worldwide

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust, a UK charity established in 1981, funds programmes that advance the wellbeing of maritime workers, seafarers and their families. They are funded by the Trust’s own capital funds, and by the investment income of the Welfare Fund at the International Transport Workers Federation, a global federation of transport workers’ unions with over 20 million worker members.

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust vision is to be the leader in promoting and improving the wellbeing of seafarers worldwide. We envisage a world where all seafarers are healthy, happy and have decent work.

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The ITF Seafarers’ Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, that are responsible for setting the Trust’s strategy, ensuring it fulfils its objectives, and that good governance is carried out.

The Trust Deed makes provision for a minimum of five Trustees and a maximum of nine. David Heindel is the Chairperson of the Trust.

The Head of Trust is responsible to the Trustees for the daily operation of the Trust.

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Funding Structure

The Trust receives funds from both the Trust’s own capital funds and by the investment income of the ITF Seafarers’ International Assistance, Welfare and Protection Fund, more commonly known as the “Welfare Fund”.

That fund, despite its name, is used to provide a wide range of trade union services to seafarers. The Trust, on the other hand, is limited to supporting projects, which directly benefit individual seafarers’ spiritual, moral or physical welfare

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