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The Port of Southampton’s electric fleet is among those carrying telematics

ABP’s Port of Southampton is working with Teletrac Navman to roll out vehicle safety technology across its 80-strong fleet, including over 30 electric vehicles.

The port is using Teletrac Navman’s telematics system to gain increased visibility and real-time actionable insight, streamline and safeguard operations and make them more sustainable. A tracking platform displays vehicle speeds and acceleration, cornering, braking, and maintenance needs, helping ABP identify any improvements it can make to help ensure optimum safety and fuel efficiency.

The rollout follows a successful trial of telematics across a smaller number of vehicles at the port.

ABP - Craig Barbour | UK Ports

Craig Barbour, general manager at ABP Southampton, said: “As a transport and logistics business with a significant spread across the UK, it is our responsibility at ABP to ensure that our practices and operations are as safe and sustainable as possible. We have worked hard to increase the sustainability of our Southampton site to great success and have been really impressed with Teletrac Navman’s platform during our recent trial. Having access to real-time data has enabled us to respond quickly to insights and work smarter and safer”.

With public roads, backyards, and a university campus all in close range, the Port of Southampton has an on-site speed limit and vehicles are required to drive for optimum safety, including navigating quayside areas during busy cruise passenger operations.

To provide drivers and vessel stevedores with much greater visibility when handling everything from cruise ships to automotive carriers, Teletrac Navman is fitting all vehicles with front-facing cameras, and larger transit vans will also carry rear-facing cameras.

Peter Millichap's blog: The future of fleets

Peter Millichap, marketing director at Teletrac Navman UK, said:Optimising safety was a significant area of focus for ABP. Our fleet management platform provides insights into vehicle safety based on key performance metrics and recorded events, such as speeding and harsh braking, and provides platform users with a measurable safety score for each driver. During the trial, ABP has been able to utilize fleet performance data and link it back into company benchmarks, to significantly improve safety, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. We’re thrilled that we have been awarded the contract to supply many more of its vehicles with our solution.”

Craig Barbour concludes: “We are delighted to be able to equip more of our vehicles with this technology and are looking forward to sharing our learning with other ABP regions.”

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