Port of Salalah record container volume of 4-million TEUs in December 2019

The Port of Salalah hit an all-time record container volume of 4-million TEUs in December 2019. As well as recovering all services and volumes that were re-directed to other ports due to the impact of Cyclone Mekunu in 2018, the Port of Salalah has also achieved a 19% year-on-year volume growth.

The concerted efforts of employees and the support of stakeholders have been reinforced by significant incremental capital expenditure as part of the company’s asset replacement and capacity augmentation program.

“We are proud of the achievement of the team,” says Mr. Mark Hardiman, CEO of Port of Salalah. “Our success is testament to the confidence and continued support that the Port receives from the Government of Oman and its customers, and to the Port’s employees whose commitment has been critical in reaching this important milestone.”

 ?Why Salalah

Salalah does not just provide port advantages but an entire suite of opportunities that when combined create a true value proposition like none other in the region. The most important is the strategic location with almost zero deviation from the major trade lanes of Asia-Europe, ISC-Europe and Middle East-Europe that provides our customers with transit times that are better than other competing ports in the Gulf

Reference: apmterminals.com

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