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The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the governing institution that administers the Panamanian Vessel Registry in a joint effort with the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama (ARAP), confirms its commitment to the fight against unreported and unregulated illegal fishing (IUU) and states that it is carrying out the necessary actions for the due control and monitoring of its fleet, in turn it declares that it is implementing regulations and a series of measures to discourage the scourge of illegal fishing.

These process improvement actions are part of the Action Plan within the framework of the Open Dialogue that is carried out with the European Union, the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG Mare) in preparation for a follow-up assessment visit that is expected in the first quarter of 2023.

In this sense, the first of a series of meetings was organized with resident agents of fishing and fishing support vessels of our fleet, with the aim of publicizing the actions that are being carried out in order to continue strengthening the monitoring and control of said ships, measures that will be implemented in the short and medium term, as well as reporting on the monitoring and modifications to existing methodologies (immediate changes and cancellations of ships).

Panama restricts information on sanctioned boats, evading transparency

Strong actions were implemented, such as the cancellation of some 57 vessels, taking advantage of the occasion in order to communicate about the monitoring and risk assessment protocols or extended due diligence that is being gradually developed for the identified fleets.

The Ship Registry shared its strategy to prevent and deter illegal fishing with users, ship resident agents, classification societies, law firms, recognized authorized organizations, the national and international maritime community and urged them to implement due diligence measures with the aim of not providing services to vessels indicated on the List of IUU Vessels.

Additionally, all ships that entered our Registry are being followed up through our platforms, through which alerts are generated when ships slow down or equipment shutdown occurs, causing immediate communication to operators /resident agents, in order to initiate the corresponding protocol, which can generate a sanction or even the definitive cancellation of the ship in the national merchant marine once a behavior that deviates from faithful compliance with international standards is verified.

We have established as a priority to identify and resolve the problems and deficiencies that represent the so-called ‘CRITICAL VESSELS’, to avoid risks and incidents that result in subsequent detentions.

We take this opportunity to recognize the efforts of users who are in full compliance with the regulations and even maintain certified fleets under sustainable fisheries,

We will continue to redouble efforts in order to discourage illegal fishing in the registry guaranteeing the provision of services to their fleets.

Ending Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Implementation of SDG 14.4 & 14.6 - Campaign for the Protection of the Oceans and Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14

The fishing sector, within the maritime sphere, is an important component in the social and economic development of the population, as it constitutes an important source of food, employment, income and recreation throughout the world, millions of people obtain their means of subsistence from marine resources.

The Panama Maritime Authority confirms that it is the guarantor of the State policy about Zero Tolerance for IUU fishing

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