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The new Corsica Linea ferry has successfully left the Visentini Shipyard

A Galeotta is a LNG-powered ro-pax that will operate between France and Corsica with LNG propulsion

The new A Galeotta ferry has left the Visentini Shipyard in Porto Viro (Rovigo) and is heading to Trieste for the final works, which will soon be delivered to the Corsica Linea ferry company. Its managing director Pierre – Antoine Villanova in recent days had gone in person to the site to view the new building before it left the site, which happened successfully in the last few hours and without particular impediments.

Once the works foreseen in the Julian capital have been completed, the new construction will be able to begin its sea trials in preparation for the final delivery to the new owner.

A Galeotta (Corsica Linea) (2)

Intended to operate on the routes between southern France and Corsica, this ship is the result of an order signed in 2019. The hull has a length of 206 meters, will be able to accommodate 650 passengers and will have a garage capable of carrying 2,560 linear meters. load area and a car deck for 150 vehicles.

According to the company’s plans, once it enters service it will operate on two lines between Corsica and France: Marseille – Bastia and Marseille – Ajacci

It will be a ferry with LNG (liquefied natural gas) propulsion and to ensure the regular supply of fuel Corsica Linea has already signed an agreement with the company Titan Lng which will initially guarantee the bunkering service from the ground by truck until it enters service. in the Mediterranean the Krios barge with 4,500 cubic meters of capacity which will allow ship – to – ship refueling.

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