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Maritime policies in the Meloni Government

Mims will once again be called the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport but its competences in the field of ports and maritime transport appear immediately limited

The government led by Giorgia Meloni intends to centralize and closely follow the policies regarding the sea and ports considered “strategic”.Shipping Italy reported

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So much so that an inter-ministerial committee for maritime policies will be established while the department entrusted to Matteo Salvini will once again be called the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport which will replace “for all purposes and wherever present, the denominations Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility and the Ministry of sustainable infrastructure and mobility “.

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All this is provided for in the ‘Ministries decree-law’ approved by today’s Council of Ministers which in Article 12 expressly says: “The President of the Council of Ministers coordinates, directs and promotes the action of the Government with reference to the policies of the sea.

The Interministerial Committee for the coordination of maritime policies (Cipom) has been established at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with the task of ensuring the coordination and definition of the strategic guidelines of maritime policies ”.

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It seems to be understood that this choice greatly limits the field of action of both the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Sea and the South.

More specifically, this new Committee will provide “for the preparation and approval of the Sea Plan, every three years, containing the strategic guidelines regarding:

a) protection and enhancement of the sea resource from an ecological, environmental, logistic and economic point of view;

b) economic enhancement of the sea with particular reference to maritime archeology, tourism, initiatives in favor of fishing and aquaculture and the exploitation of energy resources;

c) enhancement of the sea routes and development of the port system;

d) promotion and coordination of policies aimed at improving territorial continuity to and from the islands, overcoming the disadvantages deriving from the island condition and enhancing the economies of the smaller islands;

e) promotion of the national maritime system at an international level, in line with the strategic guidelines for the promotion and internationalization of Italian companies;

f) enhancement of the maritime state property, with particular reference to bathing concessions “. Virtually everything related to government action on ports and maritime transport.

The inter-ministerial committee for coordination of maritime policies also “monitors the implementation of the Plan, updates it annually according to the objectives achieved and the priorities indicated also at European level and adopts suitable initiatives to overcome any obstacles and delays”.

Finally, the Ministries decree states that “the President of the Council of Ministers or a Minister delegated by him transmits to the Chambers, by 31 May of each year, an annual report on the state of implementation of the Plan”.

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