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Gdynia Maritime University is open to business.


The meeting of hub managers of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster with representatives of the rector and deans of faculties of the Gdynia Maritime University took place in March this year. The main topic was the cooperation between business and universities in the field of teaching and science.

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On behalf of the Rector, Prof. dr hab. Eng. Adam Weintrit, the meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Development, Prof. dr hab. Eng. Tomasz Tarasiuk and Vice-Rector for Science, dr hab. Dariusz Barbucha, prof. UMG. The meeting was opened by prof. Tomasz Tarasiuk welcomed the guests and presented the educational and scientific offers of Maritime University.

Studies are conducted at four faculties. Executive MBA studies in Poland for the offshore wind energy sector have been launched – informed professor Tarasiuk. The offer for business is very wide and includes research services and expertise, the possibility of using the equipment, and a technological offer.

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Cluster of HUBs

The cluster transformed into the Cluster of HUBs, and the current meeting is a continuation of the business meeting at which Rector Prof. Adam Weintrit invited business representatives to cooperate more closely with the university – Marek Grzybowski, president of the board of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster, informed the participants of the meeting.

– The cluster is active in the field of maritime and space technologies and is a well-recognized and strong brand in the national and international forums. Participation in two international projects GALATEA and Space Academy implemented as part of HORIZON 2020, ZEVInnovation from Norwegian Grants, several projects under the INTERMARE program, and the extension of the cluster’s activity areas to include space technologies was a good decision of the cluster members – informed president Marek Grzybowski and invited business representatives to the presentation hub potential.

– Four scientific conferences annually organized by the Cluster and the Committee of Space Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences under the patronage of the president of the Polish Space Agency contributed to the integration of young scientists and representatives of business, practitioners, and the scientific community of the Baltic Sea Region – added Marek Grzybowski.

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Shipyard hub with market potential

Information on the activities of BALTIC HUB ZEV INNOVATION as well as the staffing needs and focus on the production of innovative zero-emission and hybrid ships were presented by Jacek Milewski, financial director, member of the CRIST board, coordinator of the zero-emission vessel hub. He is informing about the full preparation of the hub for the production of innovative ships, also for searching at sea and neutralizing chemical pollutants.

The staffing needs in the field of project management and the activities of engineers in the processes of ship repairs and conversions were presented by Joanna Kurowska, head of the personnel department of the NAUTA Remontowa Shipyard.

Information on the activities and tasks of BALTIC ICT & AI HUB as well as the staffing needs and the expected competencies of design offices were presented by Grzegorz Kozłowski, CEO of CADOR, coordinator of the BALTIC ICT & AI HUB hub.

He informed me about the use of digital twins in business practice. He offered the possibility of using the latest Siemens project programs, which the company provides under free licenses for selected universities, to educate students.

Fit for 55. A course for green energy

In our company we employ graduates of the Maritime University in various positions – said Dariusz Jachowicz, president of the board, ASE Technology Group, coordinator of GREENTECH HUB.

– The ASE Group employs about 350 engineers of various specialties, and some research works also included scientists from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Maritime University Gdynia –  emphasized President Jachowicz.

ASE Group companies focus on implementing innovations in a number of technical fields in many industries, including the maritime industry. The staffing needs of the ASE Technology Group include engineers of various specialties, often with specific competencies.

GreenTech Hub integrates companies that produce devices that generate various types of energy, from wind energy to energy obtained from photovoltaic panels, biogas plants, or energy from hydrogen. Thanks to energy storage, it can be effectively managed – explained President Jachowicz.  The research work is carried out in the ASE Group in these areas, as well as in areas related to industrial safety and energy quality.

Business and University

Radosław Wika, Director of the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park / Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, had an interesting presentation about the projects implemented in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (GSTP).  He informed me about the most important programs implemented in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. GSTP has a wide offer for research clubs, young innovative companies, as well as businesses interested in the development of their innovative products or processes.

The technology incubator and the co-working zone are an offer for all innovators. Space4Makers is an interesting place for young engineers and students. The SKALP Robotics Association and PROTOLAB II – a modern prototyping workshop of the Gdańsk University of Technology operate here.

There is a production space for individual work in the Laboratory. It is possible to use the robotics laboratory and train students in the use of a real robot in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park.

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Maritime University with a great potential

The area of activity and cooperation possibilities of the Faculty of Navigation was presented by the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs and Promotion of the WN, Dr. Eng. Adam Kaizer, and of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, vice-dean for student and scientific affairs, dr hab. Eng. Robert Starosta. Vice-dean for maritime affairs and EC promotion, dr inż. Radioelectronics officer Karol Korcz informed about the teaching and research activities of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The activities of the Faculty of Management and Quality Sciences were presented by the Vice-Dean for Development and Cooperation of WZNJ, dr hab. Joanna Kizielewicz.

There are fields of cooperation that allow for greater involvement of scientific staff and students in the activities of maritime economy enterprises and companies operating in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone are at each of the departments of the Maritime University.

Many possibilities and levels of cooperation were noticed during discussions between professors and managers. The meeting ended with the conclusion and declaration that further meetings of scientists and students with business will be held in companies, the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, and the Baltic Port of New Technologies.

Joint actions will be implemented already at the operational level. In the development of cooperation between scientists and students of individual departments and enterprises operating within the Cluster, President Marek Grzybowski declared support from the members of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster.

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