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The Italian-Algerian Cnan Med could go to the rescue of his sister Cnan Nord

The shipping company Cnan Med, a joint venture 49% owned by the Dario Parioli group from La Spezia and 51% controlled by the Algerian state, could soon be called upon to help the ‘sister’ shipping company Cnan Nord, always active with Algeria but from the ports of Northern Europe instead of the Mediterranean.

In recent days it has emerged publicly that even the last multipurpose ship in the CNAN Nord fleet, namely the Sedrata, has been blocked in Antwerp in Belgium, following some deficiencies detected by the maritime authority.

This is the seventh and last ship of the company which for various reasons, some financial and other technical, ended ‘out of service’, effectively paralyzing the activity of the shipping company also controlled by Groupe Algerien de Transport Maritime (Gatma ).

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The fleet is made up of seven multipurpose units aged between 11 and 6 years and with a deadweight between 9,000 and 12,500 tons; currently, two are stationary in Belgium (Ghent and Antwerp) while the remaining four are moored in Algerian ports (two in Algiers, one in Annaba and one in Bejaja). Overall, the current market value of these seven vessels according to VesseslValue is $ 118 million.

On the other hand, the operations of Cnan Med, the shipping company dedicated to the transport by sea of various goods and containers between Algeria, Spain, and Italy, continue regularly. The service is carried out with four ships on which other companies (Ignazio Messina & C., Arkas Line, and Brointermed) also embark by virtue of a slot agreement.

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The CEO of the company, Michele Giromini, does not hide from SHIPPING ITALY that he has read in the local media the news of a possible involvement of Cnan Med in the rescue of Cnan Nord but states that “at the moment we have not received any information from Algeria nor it appears that no decision has been taken “.

Shipping agency Cnan Med-Cnan Italia - Dario Perioli Group

Giromini is keen to emphasize that “Cnan Med in the meantime is continuing to perform well by offering a service that is particularly appreciated by the market between Italy, France, and Spain towards Algeria”.

The company, which has its headquarters in the port of Marina di Cararra in Italy, last summer celebrated the first call of the new ship Djanet, the latest arrival in the fleet of 5 general cargo owned by Cnan Med, and on the occasion Giromini he had underlined how important it was for this shipping line to be able to count on an efficient and owned terminal in terms of waits saved and productivity in the loading and unloading of goods.

“For us, the port of Marina di Carrara has become an important element in obtaining maximum efficiency in the goods distribution chain” said the a, d, of Cnan Med, concluding thus: “Traffic is growing and we must be good at making the most of the port areas we have ”.

Les filiales du groupe Cnan étoffent leur flotte

Source : Shipping Italy

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