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First mega caisson for the Vado Ligure dam launched (VIDEO)

While the design and construction of the New Outer Dam has been awarded in the port of Genoa, in the port basin of Vado Ligure, works to expand the dam to defend the coast and the terminals are continuing. Shipping Italy reported

It is a challenging work that involves the displacement of the current 13 caissons towards the sea and the enhancement of the breakwater with an additional 4 cellular structures.

In recent days, the largest caisson ever built inside Dario, the floating prefabrication system serving the work, was put into the water.

Port of Genoa receives €300 million for expansion - Construction Europe

The launching operations lasted about 6 hours and employed engineers, technicians and specialized workers who, with the help of 3 tugs, towed the body to the mooring point.

The next phase involves building the slab and moving the structure to the point where it will be filled and placed on the seabed, followed by the vertical breakwater wall.

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