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Fishing : Scots fishing leaders urge PM to help the industry build back after Brexit

Scottish fisheries leaders have urged the prime minister to help them build back the industry after the bad Brexit deal,…


Interviews ESPO : Port pro of the month: Glenn Carr (IE)

This month we are taking you to Ireland, where ESPO is sitting down with Glenn Carr, General Manager of Rosslare…


خبر For Sale : اتهامات لجونسون بانه ضحى بمخزون الاسماك من اجل عيون Brexit !!؟

تصنيع الأسماك والمحار، يشكل القطاع 0.1 في المئة من الناتج المحلي الإجمالي للمملكة المتحدة. اتهامات طالت رئيس الوزراء البريطانى بوريس…

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Euro News : Deal or no-deal, Europe’s major ports are ready for Brexit

What has it taken for port authorities to get ready for Brexit and what impact will these new changes have…

News & Reports

Ports: Port of Rotterdam Authority Scales Back Brexit Measures

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has again put its preparatory measures for a No-Deal Brexit on hold following recommendations from…

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