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Sustainable Cost Effective Green Technology Towards Emission Reductions in Container Terminal & ports Operations


 Dr. Mustafa El Nahass,

The technical solutions to create green container terminals and ports, in view of the increased volume of containers and competition with emphasis placed on the role of strategic thinking and planning to meet the demands of the growth, which increases equipment needs combined with the challenge of increasing regulatory demands requiring terminals to reduce their environmental impact.

Statistics presented involving the increase of ships TEU sizes and then the volume increases of container terminal traffic shows the clear challenge terminals have to keep up with demand and expectations to remain competitive.  It has become imperative that terminal operations look at all aspects of what makes the terminal successful in today’s environment and to strategically plan how to meet those challenges and stay ahead of competing terminals. How using green technologies benefits operations beyond the reduction of the environmental footprint issues terminals are now being required to address. In today’s planning, the environment is linked together with other port aspects to form a comprehensive scope of the significant technical needs of operation.

A significant portion of the presentation is dedicated to the issue of container growth and green technical solutions.

Oil Filtration System, a significant way to improve oil status during its lifetime, extending periods between oil changes, while improving engines efficiency and reducing harmful exhaust gases, minimizing pollution. Further benefits in cost savings and down time reductions.

LED Lights, incorporation of this new technology for fixture lights for all port equipment and lighting towers, minimizes heat and emissions from existing fixtures, resulting in operating cost reductions.

RTGs Electrifications, converting to electrical power from diesel engines, minimizes all diesel exhaust pollutions and emissions particularly with terminals depending on RTGs in yard stacking, How the cost of the infra structure required can be offset in long term operations leading to ultimate cost saving.

This presentation will leave the attendee with clear understanding of the new green technical solutions that achieve both environmental demands and cost saving needs.

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