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Suez Canal : Traffic in the Canal Uninterrupted Adm. Rabiee: Suez Canal records 61 transits at a net tonnage of 3.2 million tons Ismailia

61 vessels transited in both directions with a net tonnage of 3.2 million tons

 Adm. Ossama Rabiee, Chairman and Managing Director of the Suez Canal Authority, has announced that traffic through the Canal is uninterrupted.

Today, Thursday, 61 vessels transited in both directions with a net tonnage of 3.2 million tons. His Excellency reassured everyone of the regularities of traffic through the Canal at the normal rates of transit stressing the fact that the SCA has sufficient navigational and technical safety capabilities as well as the infrastructure required to deal with emergencies.

In that context, Rabiee has pointed out that the SCA has handled the very brief grounding incident of the bulk carrier CORAL CRYSTAL, which transited among the North convoy at the 54 km mark (Canal marking) in the western branch of Al- Ballah bypass with 43 thousand tons of cargo on board. The incident was resolved in a professional manner through the aid of SCA tug boats, and the ship resumed its transit through the Canal.

Traffic was not negatively impacted in any way since it was directed to the eastern branch of Al- Ballah bypass. said that George Safwat Official Spokesperson, Suez Canal Authority

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