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Stolt Nielsen : Tankers’ Managing Director appointed as director at ITOPF

Stolt Tankers’ Managing Director, Maren Schroeder has joined the board of ITOPF Limited, an organisation operating on a not-for-profit basis, that specialises in preparedness for and response to accidental marine spills.

The appointment recognises Schroeder’s extensive experience in the tanker industry and aligns perfectly with Stolt Tankers’ dedication to maintaining safety and environmental excellence. Schroeder will fulfil her ITOPF duties alongside her role at Stolt Tankers.

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“I am pleased to be able to contribute to this very important area in my new role as director at ITOPF,” said Schroeder. “Sharing insights from the experience of Stolt Tankers will not only enhance ITOPF’s knowledge of our market segment, but this knowledge will also benefit the wider maritime industry.”

ITOPF Technical Information Papers (TIPs) | OSPRI

ITOPF works closely with the maritime industry to promote the prevention of and effective responses to marine spills of oil, chemicals and other substances to reduce impacts on the environment and affected communities.

Based in London and Singapore, the organisation advises its members and associates worldwide, most of which are tanker and other shipowners. ITOPF’s key services are spill response, claims analysis and damage assessment, training and education, contingency planning and advice, and information services.

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In other recent sustainability news, 59 of Stolt Tankers ships that called at US ports during 2022 received Environmental Achievement Awards from the Chamber of Shipping of America.

These ships have maintained a record of no reportable spills and no US Coast Guard citations for violations of marine pollution (MARPOL), among other achievements, for at least two years.

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