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Still investments and sustainability for the Palumbo shipyards

Hamburg (Germany) – Raffaele Palumbo, head of the ‘ship division’ of the large Neapolitan shipbuilding group, from the SMM fair in Hamburg can enjoy the favorable winds with which his company is sailing, which has the prospect of an even more future ahead of it. solid.

“We are satisfied, we keep our jobs and we have guaranteed jobs in the future, although of course there are aspects that worry us and that we keep an eye on, such as the sharp increase in energy costs and the procurement of raw materials.

We expect to close 2022 with results in line with the previous year, “he said from his stand not far from another giant like Fincantieri shipping Italy reported

Palumbo Shipyards

Speaking of the new investments in the various yards of the group, he explained that they are “modernizing the warehouses in the Malta shipyard, in Naples we have completed the maintenance of the dry docks and in Messina the maintenance of the port boat. In Rijeka every year we allocate more than 10% of our turnover to extraordinary maintenance, we are happy with how we have rearranged the construction site. We never stop, we always try to improve ”.

Still on the subject of sustainability, Palumbo’s top management added that the group has “invested in the maintenance of electrical systems to eliminate dispersions, replaced traditional lights with LED lights, replaced parts of the sheds with transparent panels to reduce energy consumption. power.

MALTA — palumbo

We then invested heavily in Hammelmann equipment for ship treatments, achieving higher productivity and lower environmental impact and reducing the time needed for these operations ”.

Palumbo Shipyards, a major refit and repair company operating at several sites in the Mediterranean

Source : Shipping Italy

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