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Snav signed the order to Intermarine for a new hybrid-electric ferry

Within the first half of 2024 in the Gulf of Naples, the first passenger ship with hybrid propulsion for fast short-sea connections will enter service

Snav and the parent company Snav (Italian holding of the MSC Group) have in fact announced the signing with Intermarine (a company part of the Immsi Group) of a contract aimed at the design and construction of a single-hull Hybrid High-Speed Craft (HSC) vessel, intended for renewing and strengthen short sea shipping links in the Gulf of Naples. the news of this order whose signature was in the pipeline was anticipated by SHIPPING ITALY on May 13th.

Designed by the Messina Intermarine research center “with the use of the most advanced industrial design technologies, the ship will be equipped with latest-generation engines to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and a ‘green mode’ electric propulsion to carry out the maneuvers in entry and exit from zero-emission ports

Entirely built in electro-welded aluminum alloy, with the Metal-arc Inert Gas (MIG) process, it will have an overall length of 58.20 meters, at an overall width of 11.50 meters, it will be able to carry up to 750 people. (738 passengers and 12 crew members) and will be able to travel at a maximum speed of 34 knots

Snav destination map

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