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Six lots awarded to Liberty Lines for coastal shipping routes in Sicily

The service had been the subject of a specific call for tenders last April by the Sicilian Region for an amount of over 157 million euros.

From next January 1st and for the next five years, Liberty Lines will guarantee sea connections by hydrofoil with the smaller islands of Sicily.Shipping Italy reported

The service had been the subject of a specific call for tenders last April by the Sicilian Region for an amount of over 157 million euros relating to seven lots and the company of the Morace family was awarded six.

Liberty Lines esclusa dalla gara per il trasporto Reggio-Messina - Live Sicilia

More specifically, these are two connections for the Aeolian Islands, two others for the Egadi Islands, one for Pantelleria and a last one for Ustica.

The first lot provides for hydrofoil connections between the Aeolian Islands and the ports of Milazzo, in Sicily, and Vibo Valentia, in Calabria. The service was awarded for almost 55 million euros.

The second lot, for the Aeolian connections with the ports of Milazzo, Messina and Palermo, was awarded for 42 million, the third, for the hydrofoil connections between Trapani and the islands of the Egadi archipelago, for about 26 million and the fourth lot, which provides for the connection between Marsala and Favignana, with extensions for Marettimo and Levanzo, was awarded for 12 million euros.

The Trapani-Pantelleria section was awarded for more than 7 million and the one between Palermo and Ustica for over 14 million euros.

Profile photo of Gennaro Carlo Cotella

“As shipowners we are very proud to be those who will contribute to the development of Sicily for the next five years with maritime connection services, essential for the economy of the islands and adjacent territories” said Gennaro Carlo Cotella, CEO of Liberty Lines.

“We will soon also contribute to improving environmental sustainability in our seas as new green ships (9 in total) will begin to enter the fleet next year, guaranteeing passengers more and more comfort.

But above all we are happy to be able to continue to ensure work and stability for our 600 workers. We are proud of their constant commitment to the quality of service and to the growth of the company “.

Liberty Lines introduces the new e-ticket system via SMS. A revolution in habits, a more modern and environmentally friendly lifestyle (it is not necessary to print the hard copy), which wants to be closer to the traveler.

A new telematics method that will increasingly increase the efficiency of the service in terms of speed, eliminate long lines at the counter and guarantee our passengers an additional quality service

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