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Shipping : F2i new owner of Marterneri

Sector of solid bulk goods in Italy is strategic for the national economy”, reads the note

 The sector of solid bulk goods in Italy (steel products, cereals, cellulose, fertilizers, special industrial modules and other goods which, due to specific characteristics, are not transported in containers) is strategic for the national economy”, reads the note. “70% of Italian imports and 50% of Italian exports take place by sea, for an annual value of 160 billion euros.

  70%Italian imports and 50% of Italian exports take place by sea, for an annual value of 160 billion euros

The logistics relating to these goods is an indispensable element to ensure the efficient operation of the main Italian industrial districts. In this regard, the industrial design carried out by F2i, which may further expand in the coming months, also concerns ground logistics via rail transport, an activity in which F2i recently invested with the acquisition of CFI (Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana), the largest independent national operator “.

 After the acquisition of MarterNeri, the turnover and the number of employees of the companies belonging to F2i and operating in the bulk goods sector are estimated to be higher than 170 million euros and 630 resources respectively.

Bulk cargo port logistics sector

“The bulk cargo port logistics sector is strategic for the Italian economy but is managed in a fragmented way and lacks integration with land logistics,” said Renato Ravanelli, CEO of F2i Sgr. “Over the last year we have seen great interest from foreign, European and non-European institutions and operators in national ports.

The new geography of trade and the geophysical evolution of transport are in fact determining a growing centrality of the Italian coasts. F2i responds to these developments with an Italian project aimed at creating an operator integrated with rail transport, capable of serving the needs of national and international customers in a professional manner and, as an independent operator, in a non-discriminatory manner “ 


“After the investments in the railway and airport sectors, the ANIA Fund strengthens its positioning in the transport sector by acquiring MarterNeri, a company operating in port logistics. The operation is of strategic importance for the economy which, after the pandemic, will be called upon to run faster than ever, with infrastructures that match the growth objectives that Italy has set itself.

ESG selection criteria

Furthermore, the positive impacts both on employment in the sector and in terms of sustainability are evident, in line with the ESG selection criteria that are increasingly guiding investments in the Italian insurance sector “declared Maria Bianca Farina, President of ANIA , National Association of Insurance Companies. 

F2i Sgr was assisted by: VSL Club (industrial advisor); Cleary-Gottlieb and Studio Zunarelli (legal advisors); Prothea (financial advisor); Virtex (tax advisor); PWC (accounting advisor); AON and Willis (insurance advisors for w & i policy and due diligence); Rina (technical advisor); REAG (real estate advisor); Afry (market advisor).

Shipping Italy

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