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Homeshipping Line

CMA CGM :The first shipping group to successfully use biofuel on its containerships

Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of between 15% and 85%,

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, is launching ACT with CMA CGM+, an array of solutions, helping its customers lighten their environmental footprint and make their cargo carbon neutral.

Cleaner alternative energy sources

Available throughout all the Group’s shipping subsidiaries, this new offering consists of four services, enabling its customers to analyze their environmental footprint, use cleaner alternative energy sources, and to offset the emissions generated during the transport of their goods.

CLEANER ENERGY LNG and CLEANER ENERGY BIOFUEL: Two solutions delivering reductions in environmental footprint


CMA CGM made the groundbreaking decision to power 26 of its containerships using liquefied natural gas by 2022, and seven of these are already in service. Thanks to the CLEANER ENERGY LNG offering, customers will be able to choose to transport their goods using LNG, a novel technology that helps to preserve air quality by eliminating almost all atmospheric pollutants. Through its greater energy efficiency and the use of renewable biomethane sources, this offering also delivers a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

CMA CGM was also the first shipping group to successfully use biofuel on its containerships. Thanks to the CLEANER ENERGY BIOFUEL offering, the Group’s customers will be able to opt for a transport solution for their goods using biofuel generated from used cooking oil.


These alternative fuel-based solutions can unlock reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of between 15% and 85%, providing CMA CGM’s customers with a wide range of solutions to decarbonize their cargo.

ECO MONITOR and POSITIVE OFFSET: Two solutions for analyzing and offsetting environmental footprints

Thanks to ECO MONITOR, the CMA CGM Group’s customers will be able to keep track of their environmental footprint in real-time and take action more easily using this data. This service will be rolled out from 2021. With POSITIVE OFFSET, the CMA CGM Group’s customers can offset their emissions by contributing to Gold Standard carbon sequestration projects involving local communities.

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