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Shipping Lines : CMA CGM to enhance its BSMAR service connecting Black Sea & Turkey with Morocco

CMA CGM has announced the enhanced setup of its BSMAR service connecting the Black Sea & Turkey with Morocco, as of June 2021. Transit and lead times will be improved, with service rotation duration shortened from 35 to 28 days.
The features of this service will be the following:
Fleet : 4 vessels x 3,500 / 4,300 TEU nominal capacity
Rotation : Odessa – Constanta – Ambarli – Aliaga – Piraeus – Malta – Valencia – Casablanca – Algeciras – Malta – Piraeus – Gebze – Odessa
Rotation duration: reduction from 35 to 28 days partly due to terminal berthing windows reconfiguration & single call in Algeciras
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Frequency: weekly
Ocean transit time references to Casablanca: 14 days from Odessa, 12 days from Constanta,9 days from Aliaga, 4 days from Malta, 1.5 days from Valencia
Ocean transit time references from Casablanca: 4.5 days to Malta, 7 days to Piraeus, 9 days to Gebze, 11 days to Odessa, 13 days to Constanta


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