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Shipping : Cargo traffic within Azov-Don Basin of Russia’s IWWs grew fell by 26% in 4M’21 PDF

As of May 1, vessel traffic in the Azov-Don basin reached 505 vessels and ATBs: 195/310 vessels proceeding downstream/upstream (2020 — 606: 273/ 333).
In April 2021, overall waterborne freight transport within the Azov-Don basin decreased by 27% year-on-year to 631,000 tonnes including heavy fuel oil мазут (18.2%), vacuum gasoil (17.9%) and crushed stone (11.1%). Transshipment sit flow fell by 36% to 478,000 tonnes while internal turnover rose by 24% to 153,000 tonnes.

Transit navigation opens in Azov-Don Basin of Russia's IWW

Vessel traffic in April totaled 487 ships and ATBs including 195/292 proceeding downstream and upstream (In April 2020 – 591: 272 /319.

The Federal Azov-Don Basin Administration is responsible for management and control of inland waterways of the Don River from the lower access channel of Lock No 15 (Tsimlyansk Reservoir) to the village of Aksai (the 3121-km stretch of the Don), except for Nikolayevsky and the Konstantinovsky hydroengineering facilities, and the tributaries of the Don River, Seversky Donets (from Krasny farm to the mouth) and the Manych River (from the Novo-Manychskaya Dam to the mouth). The total length of the Azov-Don Basin Administration managed inland waterways reaches 691.3 km.‎

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