Services : New tariff regulations in Antwerp Port for 2021.

The financial changes to tariff regulations in Antwerp Port  for 2021. You will find the most important changes below:

  1. The tariffs stated in the following regulations will increase as from 1 January 2021 in accordance with the inflation rate of the CPI for August 2020, which equates to an adjustment of 0.82%:
  • Tariff regulations for towage in the docks
  • Tariff regulations for inland shipping
  • Tariff regulations for sea-going vessels
  • Tariff regulations for the floating 800-tonne crane “BRABO”
  • Tariff regulations for the usage of quays and storehouses in the port area
  • Tariff regulations for the usage of terrains in the port area
  • Tariff regulations for catering in the port area

The prices for oil spills in water will change based on indexation and the upgrading of existing intervention equipment and additions to such equipment.

The tariffs for usage of the floating dry docks and the tariffs for events, photography and filming in the seaport area of Antwerp will remain the same.

The exact fees and technical/administrative changes (which may have an impact on these exact amounts) will be announced later this year.

  1. Waste fee for inland shipping:

Waste delivery for inland shipping will become subject to fees as from 1 January 2021. As a port authority, we ensure revenue-neutral processing. The waste deliveries of the previous year are used as base to calculate the costs. This results in following rates for 2021:

  • paints/solvents: 1.2 euros/kg
  • bulky waste: 25 euros/m³
  • other waste comparable with domestic waste: 2.5 euros/60l waste bag
  1. Waste fee for sea-going vessels:

To further support the port reception facilities for sea-going vessels, it is necessary to increase the waste fee. At present, the financial contributions are significantly higher compared to the fees received, which results in a net loss. For this reason, the following prices will apply as from 2021:

  • Fixed fee for a vessel: ≤ 3,000 BT will increase from 75 to 100 euros
  • Fixed fee for a vessel: > 3,000 BT will increase from 110 to 150 euros
  • Variable fee will increase from 0.005 to 0.009 euros/BT
  • Maximum fee will increase from 480 to 800 euros
  • Variable contribution for Annex I waste will increase from 25 to 30 euros/m³

The coming year our waste policy will change in alignement with the amendments to the EU Directive on port reception facilities for the delivery of waste from ships. We will keep you updated about the progress.

  1. Mooring & unmooring and pilotage behind the locks (Brabo)

A final decision regarding rates for mooring and unmooring of sea-going vessels and pilotage of sea-going vessels is still pending. Further communication will follow from Brabo Group.

  1. Property tax

As reported last year, we wish to highlight that, with regard to the property tax, the Port Authority depends on the provision of assessment notices from the Flemish Government. We are yet to receive these for multiple years. We will pass on the charges for the premises as soon as possible. Please take this into consideration in your accounting. For further questions you can contact us by sending an email to

The affected tariff regulations, including fees and administrative adjustments, will be announced in due time and made available on the website:

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