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MarineBerth originated in New Zealand, a land moderate in population but extensive in coastline. Such geography has led to a comparatively large number of small to medium ports, servicing local populations and industry. Looking abroad, this situation is not unique—

New Zealand’s nearest neighbour, Australia, too has many smaller ports and standalone marine terminals. The simple truth is, for many, thoughts of investing in a fully fledged Port Management Information System (PMIS) or Terminal Operating System (TOS) often fails on cost-benefit analysis. Consequently, many ports either persevered with manual and/or legacy systems, or have opted for what are, ultimately, half solutions.

A founding principle of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is making quality software available and affordable to the many. Yes, this means industry specific software without the eye-watering price tag. It would come as no surprise, therefore, that a lighter weight port management software system would eventually appear in exactly this form. This solution is called MarineBerth, and it is now available worldwide.

MarineBerth’s core concerns are:

  • The movement of vessels
  • The movement of cargo
  • The movement of crew
  • Enhanced port and stakeholder collaboration

MarineBerth is a modular software system, incorporating:

  • Front-end web application, comprising 50+ interactive webpages
  • Desktop client application, providing graphical aerial view(s) of a port and its operations
  • Virtual harbour model
  • Back-end database

The secret behind MarineBerth’s exceptional peformance is largely attributed to harbour-model-virtualisation (HMV) technology. Computer systems conventionally store information in database tables. Whilst this static-type data storage suits computer systems nicely, unfortunately relational tables poorly reflect the real world we live in. Our material world is complex, object-oriented, comprising entities that encapsulate both behaviour and state, not state alone. This is why MarineBerth employs virtual modelling technology, to robustly and accurately emulate the real world of port operations—an artificial intelligence of sorts.

We hope you will have as much pleasure using our software as we have had developing it!

Christopher Dodunski
Software Craftsman | MarineBerth Founder
Phone: +64 6 753 3443
Mobile: +64 27 535 3722


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