Services : A unique offer of a free pilot project for ” eBlue Economy” readers.

.Special offer for shipping companies! With the participation in the Marine Digital free pilot project to instal a fuel optimization system for bulk carriers, tankers, container and cruise ships

We will install a system for collecting shipdata, process them and give analytical reports on current fuel consumption, the main facts of impact on consumption, recommendations for building routes taking into account weather and other conditions.For one shipping company, we offer:

Installation of up to 3 devices on their ships for free.

6 months of free use of the fuel optimization system.

Complete analytics on factors affecting fuel consumption on three ships.

Guaranteed lower price for 12 months of further use with a 50% discount (the offer is valid for 1 year from the date of completion of the pilot project).

Since we are limited in hardware resources, we are ready to offer a free pilot project to only 10 shipping companies that are the first to respond to this exclusive offer and sign LOI + NDA.

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