Seafarers : Supporting Seafarers who have suffered Sexual Violence or Gender Discrimination

London. UK. The UK-based NGO, Safer Waves, has recently been established to provide a route to support seafarers who have suffered incidents of sexual violence or gender discrimination at sea as a new independent service for victims of egregious human rights abuse. Funded through UK-based maritime funder, The Seafarers’ Charity, its email service is now open to provide access to trained volunteers.
Safer Waves is a UK charity that is dedicated to supporting merchant seafarers who have experienced sexual violence or gender discrimination while working at sea

Their anonymous and confidential email service, support@saferwaves.org, offers emotional support, resources, and signposting. It is available to seafarers of any nationality or gender.
Seafarers are able to contact the service to discuss any form of sexual violence including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. They are also able to discuss gender-based discrimination and violence, which may include bullying, verbal abuse, controlling behavior, or physical violence.

The email support volunteers are trained in responding to disclosures of sexual violence, and the aim of the service is to help alleviate some of the distress and isolation that seafarers may feel when trying to navigate these difficult experiences alone.
Human Rights at Sea fully supports this essential and independent service, and actively promotes its work as the featured partner on its website.


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