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Sanmar Shipyards to build two electric harbour tugs for SAAM Towage

Sanmar Shipyards has joined forces with major operator SAAM Towage and leading naval architects Robert Allan Ltd to develop and custom build two electric-powered tugs for harbour operations, the first of a new generation of environmentally-friendly emissions-free tugboats.

With a high level of automation in line with the operator’s needs, the compact electric tug will have an impressive bollard pull of 70 tonnes based on a conceptual battery power of 3616 kWh.

The three companies worked closely together through every stage of design and construction to ensure that the innovative new tug meets or exceeds exacting specifications. Once delivered in 2023, SAAM Towage is planning to add the sustainably powered and powerful tugs to its Canadian fleet.

Hernán Gómez (SAAM Towage): “We will continue to consolidate our operational model” (source: SAAM)

Hernán Gómez , Managing Director of SAAM Towage, said: “SANMAR has been a great partner for us in recent years and this agreement is the result of that work.

Together we are creating a milestone for our company and for Canada, with our first 2 electric tugs, also accelerating our voyage into sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

This is part of our innovation strategy and the way we want to project SAAM Towage in all the countries where we currently operate and the ones to come”.

Sanmar Shipyards to Build two Electric Harbour Tugs for SAAM Towage

Robert Allan Ltd is the world-leader in specifications and engineering design of different alternatives of sustainable powering. ElectRAs 2300SX have been designed to accommodate a large battery capacity to enable them to achieve a high bollard pull in a flush deck design, with the option to maintain some backup diesel generator capacity.

“We are pleased to be working with Sanmar and SAAM to develop a new series of cleaner tugs that will be optimized to meet SAAM’s future operational needs.

Profile photo of Mike Fitzpatrick

Having both the Shipyard and Owner actively participating in the design process right from the beginning of a project is a recipe for success” commented Mike Fitzpatrick, President at Robert Allan Ltd.

Sponsor Highlight: Robert Allan Ltd. | UBC SAILBOT

Sanmar looks forward to continuing to develop sustainable powering for its clients’ needs and at TugTechnology 2021 in London signed a co-operation agreement with energy storage systems provider Corvus Energy to jointly explore and establish a path for the future supply and integration of energy supply systems and fuel cell technology for a wide range of innovative and cost-effective electric and hybrid tugs.

Profile photo of Rüçhan ÇIVGIN

Ruchan Civgin, Commercial Director of Sanmar Shipyards, said: “This project is a major step forward in the drive to reduce the impact that our industry has on the environment with the development of low and no emission tugs.

We have long and successful relationships with both our partners in this project with a wealth of experience we can call on and I am delighted that, with them, Sanmar is leading the way to a sustainable environmentally-aware towage industry.”

Sanmar has delivered seven tugboats to SAAM Towage in the past two years and has excellent long-term relationships with both the operator and Robert Allan Ltd.

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