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Sailing : Excitement grows at the GSC with two possible new groups

At the upper end of the scale, 4 Open 50s of the former IMOCA 50 Class have made provisional enquiries. These boats are within the maximum allowed length by the Event of 55ft, however, their expected performance and circumnavigation time is out of the scale currently envisaged by the entry criteria.

The tortoise and the hare

The Global Solo Challenge, with its unique format of staggered starts, is set to be a sailing re-enactment of the tale of the tortoise and the hare. Slow boats depart first chased by the faster boats which set off later. Once at sea there are no classes and the first boat home wins.
The expected circumnavigation time for each boat determines the departure group. This requires complex simulations and comparisons with available reference times to keep the event fair. 

A group for the small tortoises

eBlue_economy_A Contessa 32 reaching

We have had a total of 4 Contessa 32s owners writing in, we know their passage time will probably be over 200 days compared to the approximate 190-195 days predicted for a good boat in the current slowest group.
For this reason, we are evaluating the possibility of a further group that will allow these boats to set off a little earlier. We are still running simulations and looking at precedents. One enquiry is from a Contessa 32 which has already completed a single-handed circumnavigation in 2018. 
Other boats that may benefit from this new group are small long keelers which would not keep up with more modernly designed boats.

A group for the hares of the oceans

eBlue_economy_Aqua Quorum 1996 – Pete Goss

There are only a handful of events that today accept an Open 50 as an entry. Examples are the Rhum Class of the Route du Rhum or the OSTAR. There aren’t any around the world events open to these boats. 
It is in keep with the spirit of the Global Solo Challenge to offer a departure for these boats, even more so if there are no other similar events they can attend. 
In 1996 the innovative canting-keel Aqua Quorum compled the Vendée in 126 days and will always be remember for the the dramatic rescue of Raphaël Dinelli by Pete Goss. In 2000 Italian Pasquale De Gregorio sailed his Open 50 in the Vendée but was forced to sail with a fixed keel and had several issues, he still managed to complete the gruelling race to a hero’s welcome in 158 days. 
Several simulations confirm that an up to date Open 50, with canting keel, weather routeing and modern sails allowed, should expect to complete the circumnavigation in about 115-120 days from La Coruña. 
To keep the event fair these boats should set off approximately 3 weeks after an average first/second generation Class40 such as that sailed by Guo Chuan in 2013 (Akilaria RC2) when setting a reference time of 137 for a solo non stop circumnavigation on a 40ft boat.  The course from La Coruña is slightly longer than that sailed by Guo Chuan and would therefore add a few days to the expected circumnavigation time for a similar boat

Referance : Global Solo Challenge

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