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Royal Guest on Hospital Ship: Princess Anne Visits GLOBAL MERCY

The GLOBAL MERCY is not a dream ship in the word’s true meaning. People work around the clock, there is blood flowing, and nevertheless, big dreams come true on board. The GLOBAL MERCY is a hospital ship and belongs to the fleet of the aid organization Mercy Ships. With a length of 175 meters and a width of 29 meters, she is currently the largest civilian-operated floating hospital in the world. The presentation and inauguration of the GLOBAL MERCY in Rotterdam was now attended by Great Britain’s Princess Anne, who has been the patron of Mercy Ships since 2021.

Princess Anne visited the hospital ship Global Mercy in Rotterdam

Back in 2011, Princess Royal had already visited the hospital ship AFRICA MERCY during a mission in Sierra Leone. Since she assumed her role as patron of the organization, the visit aboard the GLOBAL MERCY is her first official appointment. The daughter of Queen Elizabeth II not only toured the hospital on board, but she also spoke with the volunteers and attended the inauguration ceremony.

Ascot doctor honoured with royal visit onboard new Mercy Ship | Bracknell News

Mercy Ships, with its two hospital ships AFRICA MERCY and GLOBAL MERCY, has docked in the ports of developing countries for 40 years, offering free medical aid. Most of the employees work voluntarily. Their approach is Christian and follows the principle of charity. However, the doctors treat wounds, straighten limbs and operate on cleft palates; they also provide dental services and train local doctors. They support local health systems and provide agricultural development aid. The vessels are equipped like hospitals on board; one does not notice any difference in the operating rooms. However, the main engines are extra cushioned against shocks.

Princess Anne visited the hospital ship Global Mercy in Rotterdam

Mercy Ships now aims to provide free care to even more patients, perform even more dental examinations, and offer even more life-improving and life-saving surgeries with a second ship in its fleet. Princess Anne also acknowledges the dedication of the volunteers: “Successfully training doctors, dentists and anesthesiologists to work in their home countries is a great legacy of Mercy Ships.”

And in the end, they are really two dream ships.

Announcing...The Global Mercy - YouTube

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