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Robb Report : New 236-Foot Super yacht with 3 Huge Pools

Ocean Independence’s newest superyacht concept lives up to its name. The epic vessel spans some 236 feet and is filled to the brim with pinch-yourself amenities.
The luxury yachting specialists have once again teamed up with designers Christopher Seymour and Carl Esch for the exterior of Vast 72, which is characterized by sleek, sinuous lines. The hull, which will be forged from steel, features a low-profile design and a reverse bow to increase the efficiency and seakeeping abilities.

Ocean Independence's Epic 236-Foot Superyacht Has Three Huge Pools – Robb  Report

The interiors, meanwhile, were spearheaded by another of the firm’s favorite collaborators Theodoros Fotiadis. While the design team employed a number of Art Deco motifs, the finished look synthesizes a variety of architectural styles.

Vast 72

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