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Reuters : Landslides cut off major Brazilian grains port, dozens missing

SAO PAULO, (Reuters) – Landslides after heavy rains in southern Brazil left dozens of people missing in Parana state and cut off access to a major port for grains and sugar shipments, authorities said on Wednesday. according to Reuters.

The BR-277 road to Paranagua and Antonina ports has been closed to vehicle traffic toward the coast since Tuesday. The Parana state government said it expected to partially open the road around 3:30 p.m. (1830 GMT).

Movement through the Port of Antonina until October already surpasses the  volume of the entire year of 2020 - MARCON Logística Portuária

About 80% of goods to the port come by trucks and it is too early to estimate the potential losses from the disruptions, the port authority said.

Operators and terminals are now moving stockpiled goods that are expected to last until the weekend and it was still not clear when the roadblocks will be removed.

Rumo Logística - Wikipedia

Meanwhile, rail operator Rumo RAIL3.SA said cargo train service to Paranagua resumed with restrictions.

The main products that arrive by rail are sugar, soybeans and corn, according to the port authorities.

Rumo said at this time goods are being delivered to the port and that it was monitoring the conditions of the tracks.

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