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Reports :ً WEST presents its vision of the Cyber Threat PDF

Our launch issue is a cyber-themed special which examines the constant and ever-increasing threat of cyber exposures and suggests measures by which maritime organizations can mitigate the potential damage to their business.
Also included are features on the impact of the pandemic upon seafarers; the encouraging role played by big data within the shipping industry; what can be done to prevent tanker explosions; the advantages offered by electronic bills of lading; plus the first of our regular profiles of West offices in different territories, as well as a round-up of current legal cases.

Waypoints editorial team

Rebecca Burns
Rebecca Burns
Marketing & PR Manager
T. +44 20 7716 6032
M. +44 7769 171907
E. rebecca.burns@westpandi.com
Julien Rabeux
Julien Rabeux
Senior Claims Manager
T. +65 6416 4894
M. +65 9666 2684
E. Julien.Rabeux@Westpandi.com
Fiona McCoig
Fiona McCoig
Claims Director (Asia)
T. +852 2863 4563
M. +852 9180 1383
E. Fiona.McCoig@Westpandi.com
Simon Hodgkinson
Simon Hodgkinson
Global Head of Loss Prevention
T. +44 7985 632275
E. Simon.Hodgkinson@westpandi.com

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