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Reformulating maritime policy for maritime leaders in WMU


​IMO’s World Maritime University (WMU) trains future maritime leaders, many of whom will be involved with formulating maritime policy in their home countries. To assist them, a three-day seminar on maritime transport policy is being delivered to students following the MSc in Maritime Affairs (2-4 October). Maritime transport policy formulation is being promoted by IMO as a good governance practice, to guide planning, decision making and legislation in the maritime sector, and a key driver for a country’s sustainable development. Students will end the seminar with a a practical group exercise, drafting and presenting a policy document, encompassing the key aspects of a maritime transport policy.

IMO has been offering National Maritime Transport Policy training to Member States, on request, since 2015 and has developed related videos. An IMO official was on hand to deliver this first-ever specialised WMU seminar on maritime transport policy to the MSc Maritime Affairs students

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