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Red Sea Liveaboard will Relocate To The Maldives

Blue Force Fleet, operator of liveaboards in the Red Sea and the Maldives have announced the relocation of their popular Red Sea liveaboard, Red Sea Blue Force 3 to the Maldives at the end of 2022.

Red Sea Blue Force 3 will make her last safari in the Red Sea on 19th November 2022, after which she will sail to the Maldives on 1st December 2022. Following a name change to Maldives Blue Force 3, she will begin working in the region from 25th March 2023.

Blue Force Fleet have been operating in the Maldives for 26 years according to a recent Facebook post.

The 42m Blue Force 3 has been operating in the Red Sea since 2018 with a capacity for 26 guests in 12 cabins.

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Liveaboards in the Red Sea have long been a divers favourite destination offering amazing scuba diving with healthy, colourful reefs and abundant marine life. Egyptian liveaboards have provided divers from around the world, some amazing dive experiences on some of the worlds best-known dive sites. Numerous liveaboard itineraries are available which can visit remote reefs or wrecks from WWII.

Dive sites Northern map of Red Sea

The name ‘Red Sea’ is rumoured to come from the seasonal blooms of red coloured algae that appear near the surface at certain times in the year. But despite its name, the waters are an amazing blue water destination boasting comfortable water temperatures throughout the year, superb visibility and great dive conditions year-round. As some of the best dive sites are far from shore a liveaboard dive cruise is the best way to visit the more remote areas of this region.

The Red Sea is actually a seawater inlet extending from the Indian Ocean and lays between Africa & Asia. It holds the title as one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth, due mainly to its geological formation, leading to high evaporation levels.

Due to the water’s high salinity, divers should be aware that they will most likely need to add extra weight to their normal amount to compensate for the extra buoyancy provided by these salty waters.

Marine Wildlife at Liveaboards Red Sea

Whilst the Red Sea is primarily bordered by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, most diving liveaboards in the Red Sea offer diving safaris directly from Egypt, with multiple well-established tourist destinations located throughout the country from North to South. An Egypt dive liveaboard is certainly the best way to see this amazing dive and snorkelling area

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