PPG launches “breakthrough” fouling release coating

PPG (NYSE: PPG) has launched a biocide-free fouling release coating that, it says, uses a breakthrough approach to help shipowners lower power consumption and carbon emissions and meet demands for higher performance with no adverse impact on the marine environment.

Called PPG Sigmaglide 2390, the coating is based on PPG’s HydroReset technology. This modifies the coating when it is immersed in water to create a super-smooth, almost friction-free surface that marine organisms do not recognize and cannot adhere to.

Sigmaglide fouling release coating uses Hydroreset surface technology

Based on third-party evidence following ISO 19030 and International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) standards, the new fouling release coating enables vessels to maintain a clean hull and reduce drag, achieving power savings of up to 20%, a speed loss performance of less than 1%, and up to 35% reduction in CO2 emissions in comparison to traditional antifouling coatings, says PPG. Actual performance will depend on ship model and operating conditions.

CII compliance

“PPG Sigmaglide 2390 coating is a unique formulation that paves the way for ship owners and operators to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions,” said Jan Willem Tegelaar, PPG global platform director, Marine Coatings. “The speed loss performance of less than 1% helps ships operate at an average one knot higher speed while remaining CII compliant.”

The exceptional fouling control performance of PPG Sigmaglide 2390 coating is achieved with no release of biocides into the oceans.

PPG Sigmaglide 2390 coating is also suitable for electrostatic application, which provides high transfer efficiency, leading to lower paint consumption.

In service, says PPG, the fouling release coating can deliver up to 150 days of idle performance and an extended lifetime of more than 10 years with minimal maintenance requirements. These benefits, combined with the power savings, provide an industry-leading return on investment for shipowners.

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